. Text by Art historian Cecilie Tyri Holt

Charlotte Engelhaart is an artist with a deep awerness aroun the process of painting. She does not define herself as the sole artist in the process, but also the painting itself as a co-creating living entinity. This way she paint pictures that have their own lifes and her role is more of a releasing nature, Engelhaart defines her work like more of a symbiosis of taking controll, and at the same letting herself be seduced by the art itself.

Charlotte Engelhaart tells us she spent much of her childhood in solitude, as her family was on the move. It was this solitude that gave birth to the interest to draw and paint. One quickly notice her awarness of the entites in her paintings, as Charlotte speaks about her art. The autonomy- the selfgoveverance of her work. She speaks of her paintings as living entities that ultimately conttrolls the whole process of painting.

– I focus on the act of painting itself. The content lies more in the whole and in the intensity of the whole, than in the details. Some days are simply eligable for paintings. Its like the picture laughs harshly at me.; “nope, not today!” Paiting with these kind of terms has incorporadet a sichness that in nearly impossible to cure, Starting over with a nes life, instead of trying to breath life into something that is already dead, is a much better alternative for me, Charlotte claims,

The challange in the abstract world of art

Charlotte primary paints with a motiv fundamentaly around humans. Although she does not necessarely represent a realistic school of painting-

Why I paint people is hard to give a concrete reason for. But I think humans are a fascinating creature that holds an infinitive soure of aspect or rooms, somthing thats fits my contex of work welll. Regardless, the motive of her works are of lesser importance, Charlotte explains.

Her works holds a lot of texture, with a clear signature in the brush-work. The figures are stylized and abstract or caricatured. There rests a spesial atmosphere in these paintings, the feeling of something undefined and exiting, something dark.

-The interesting part is if there is any correlation or interaction between the motive and the artistic elements. The language that is added due to the abstract motive and ambigous preperties, is what give meaning and a sence of wholeness to me. There is a fine line between being in controll and beeing seduced. A complete seduction, or the act of falling in love, if you will-might result in a harmonic, but at the same time pathethic paiting. Often it takes more then harmony alone to make a painting interesting, she says.

About beeing a closet-painter

Charlotte Engelhaart is educated at Einar Granums artschool in Oslo, in addition to the Academy of fine Art in Bergen, west in Norway. She caricatures herself as a “closet-painter” when she attenden the Art Academy, since painting wasent particularly interesting. In this way she was challanged to innovate herself and try other forms of artistic expression, something she appreciates to this day. Even thogh painting is the most importent aspect of her art, she also work with video-installations. She likes the ides that her work can not to easily be defined, especially the artistic process itself. Its in this way that abstract art directly gives her inspiration.

I think of a painting as an event, or a form of rhytmic direction in a process that shares attributes with that of music. It is as natural t me to define colour as high or low, instead of light and dark, Charlotte concludes.

Written by Art historian Cecilie Tyri Holt

Translated by Mikael Andre Larsen